We believe we have a duty to our children and our planet to operate as sustainably as we can. That is why the sustainability and ethical sourcing of our garments is hugely important to us.  We ensure that everyone involved in the making of our garments from the makers through to the customer gets a fair deal. 

Our collection of garments are made in India. The factories that we use are  trusted, reliable and share our sustainability and ethical values.

All of our garments go through comprehensive testing and final inspections before they leave the factory to ensure sure they are of the highest quality.  We have independent testing carried out on each of the garments to check product safety, durability and quality.  We only produce garments in small batches, which allows for every single garment to be hand checked and approved before leaving the factory (and its better for the environment this way as there is less waste). 

The cotton that we use is 100% certified organic. Organic cotton is really important to us as it has been grown by farmers without the use of synthetic chemicals making it kinder to the earth and your child's skin. The farmer also gets a better deal as the price of organic cotton is higher.  

We have removed all avoidable fabric waste caused by the production of our garments by upcycling any left over fabric to create new products, such as our scrunchies and bags. We will continue to create upcycled products to stop unnecessary waste.

We are working towards being plastic free. Some retailers or brands may say they are plastic free already but this is often in regard to the packaging you open when you receive your order. However, there can be an incredible amount of plastic used as part of the manufacturing process as typically each garment is individually wrapped in a plastic bag for shipping. We have reduced our use of plastic in the manufacturing process by 90% by bundling multiple garments into recyclable plastic bags to ensure they are protected on their journey to us from the factory, whilst significantly reducing our plastic use. 

When you receive an order from us we do not think this should be at the expense of the planet. Therefore, all of the packaging you receive is fully recyclable (and we really mean fully) right down to the tape we use to seal the package. The branded stickers that we use are made from sugar cane and are completely biodegradable.

We are proud of our efforts so far but we will continually keep working to improve how we do things.